Parameters of a job are the values that make up the configuration of a job. For example, the below job has 2 parameters, "Command" and "Speed".

Parameters can be inherited from the configuration, any parameter defined in the parent jobs also becomes available in the child job, or added to the job itself.


When entering the value of a parameter, the values of other parameters can be included as variables. For example, in the job depicted above, the value of the "Speed" parameter is used as part of the value of the "Command" parameter.

System Variables

Apart from the job parameters, some variables are made available for use in values by Tasxs itself:



The Tasxs home directory.
tasxs.repository.keyThe key of the repository the job is part of.
tasxs.repository.job.dirThe directory where the jobs of the repository are located.
tasxs.repository.exec.dirThe directory where the execution results for jobs of the repository are stored.
tasxs.job.keyThe key of the job
tasxs.job.nameThe name of the job
tasxs.execution.idThe Id of the execution
tasxs.execution.dirThe directory where the execution results of the current execution are stored.
tasxs.execution.userThe username of the user that triggered the execution.