Release Notes


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  • SMTP Configuration:  Up until now Tasxs was relying on standard the SMTP configuration present in the Tasxs.Service.exe.config. But this file is overwritten when deploying a new version, which is not practical. Now, the SMTP server can be configured in tasxs.config:

  • Notifications: It is now possible to only receive notifications of successful or failed executions.
    When clicking "Watch This Job", you are asked if you want to subscribe to all notifications or only errors.

    When editing a job, you can add a watcher to receive notifications only for errors or success:
  • User profile page now lists jobs the user is watching.


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  • Reorganized execution details view
    • Larger field for job output
  • Remove collapsible panels in job details and edit views
  • Remove collapsible groups on job and schedule list and bring back search-option
  • CommandJob: Added parameters to specify working directory and environment variables
  • FilePollingJob
    • Scan for existing files on startup
    • Add option to group files, executing the job only once for a set of files found


  • Editable on execute flag on job parameters was reset for all parameters when adding parameter to job

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